Does Your Brand Need A Style Guide

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Our partner, Tide Creative, believes in strong brands! They have seen that as wedding businesses invest in themselves, it resonates with their ideal clientele. When your brand is inline with your position in the industry, you will get more leads and close more deals at the price you want!

With branding, consistency is key. Establishing a visual brand identity gives your company a voice in the world. That voice should sound (and look) consistent across all media platforms, not only to make your brand easily identifiable, but to also to build up trust between your business and the consumer. The easiest way to keep things visually consistent, especially as your business grows, is having a brand style guide. Listing all of your basic brand elements and acting as the singular point of reference for any future design projects and the designers that might be work on them. Having a style guide can save everyone time, money and frustration.

What’s included in a branding style guide can vary a lot depending on the size of the company. Most small businesses can benefit greatly from just having a simple, visual one-page reference, while larger companies require more robust corporate identity guidelines.

At the most basic level a style guide should include these elements:

Your Logo & Tagline/Slogan

Include all versions of your logo: color, reversed, black and white. Also include any approved alternate logo arrangements such as stacked vs. one line, or a shortened or iconic version used for social media perhaps.

Color Scheme

The colors used by a brand should be spelled out with as much detail as possible. That means offering up not only hex codes for web use, but also equivalent CMYK and even Pantone color values for print projects.


Every brand should have a consistent set of fonts being used in all of their marketing materials, online and off. Listing out these fonts, with examples and character sets, is hugely important. This should include the fonts used in your logo, font’s that should be used as header/body copy and any suggested web fonts.

Photos, Textures/Patterns, Icons, and Other Imagery

Here you will want to include any custom textures, patterns or graphic elements that have been designed to be used in association with your brand as backgrounds or highlights through places on your website and/or marketing materials. You could also include any specifics about the style of photos and imagery that you would like associated with your brand. That way if any stock imagery is needed for marketing down the road it will have the same look and feel as the rest of your imagery does. We are happy to give your existing brand a style guide of it’s own or help you with a whole new branding package! Take a look at Tide Creative’s wedding branding and marketing work and contact them today!

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LulaWed Badges For Your Website Or Blog

By LulaWed for Marketing

Over the past few weeks we have had a number of requests for badges to add to your site or blogs, so here you go! We would love it if you would consider adding it to yours!

Just click on any icon below to have access to download.

Social Icons (to include with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 🙂 ) to link to your profile on LulaWed.




For our photographers and vendors who have been featured in a Real Weddings, link these to your profile or favorite featured wedding.




For everyone that is listed on LulaWed!




Not sure how to get it on your site or blog? First, ask the person that built your site and if you need more help please just ask.  Have a side bar similar to this site on WordPress?

In your admin screen, click on Apprearance >> Widgets >> Add A Text Section and this code:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img class=”size-full wp-image-694 aligncenter” src=”” alt=”LW_Featured_Square_200x200″ width=”200″ height=”200″ /></a>

Change to the URL you see when you are on your profile on LulaWed before pasting on your site.

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Benefits Of An Enhanced Profile

By LulaWed for Marketing

Here are some of the benefits of our Enhanced Profile – currently $1/month! Join today and it will never go up!

  • Featured images now scroll along the header
  • Simplified About section
  • Recent blog posts
  • Associations
  • Link straight to your website
  • Links to your social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Add inspiration images directly to your header scroll bar!
  • Ability to share real weddings to your Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Ability to Pin images directly to your Pinterest boards
  • Ability to download images for your blog or website
  • Ability to ‘heart’ images, which contributes to Trending section on front page of site
  • Ability to ‘heart’ other vendors profiles and give them some love!
  • And of course great inspirational images from your Real Weddings!

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VS A Basic Profile

wedding marketing

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Becoming The Leader Of Your Network

By LulaWed for Marketing, Networking, Tweetable




1. Start calling yourself a leader

There is one leader in every neighborhood in every town. They host the neighborhood Superbowl party, and when they make a quick run to the grocery store, they might spend 45 minutes catching up with people in the deli section. How did these people become so connected?

They started calling themselves a connector.

It works the same way in our industry. By honing your ability to bring people together, you will establish yourself as the one person who other vendors and non-wedding industry people mention in conversa- tion. Transforming yourself into a connector is great for business, such as when a local magazine wants to do a wedding feature and needs a contact person, or when a PR person for a local business wants to talk to a wedding expert. That’s you!

There are few words that ring as beautifully as, “Have you talked to Tom yet? He’s the person to ask about weddings.” You will be the regional expert who creates value for your business. This expertise, along with skill and professionalism, can help grow your business and allow you to charge prices that reflect your real worth.


2. Get people together in the same room

You don’t need to throw a fancy soiree to be the person who brings the network together. If you’re planning a coffee date with an established vendor, invite another wedding pro along for the ride. You’ll begin to be seen as the middle man, the one who others thank for introducing you to so-and-so.Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.52.32 AM

3. Stop being intimidated by “the competition”

Some people see all other vendors in a 50 mile radius as “the competition.” They refuse to “like” their status updates on Facebook and see their success as a personal loss. But competition in our industry is an illusion. There are 2 kinds of businesses in your category: ones that are similar to you (in price and style) and ones that are different than you. They are both vital to your referral growth. We hope that you’ve chosen a very specific business niche and identified your ideal client. This is especially important when it comes to referrals.

Other professionals that share your niche and ideal client may seem like competition, but when a qualified lead inquired about a weekend for which they are booked, you will be the one they recommend in their place. For businesses that are very different, when another vendor in your area has a lead that doesn’t match their price point or style, your business will be at the top of their recommendation list.

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A Few Ways LulaWed Supports Your Marketing Effort

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Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.06.11 AM

1. Real Wedding Tagging

When a photographer uploads images to LulaWed, they start the process by tagging other vendors who worked at the event. By simply entering vendors business names into the appropriate fields, the vendors are notified that the images from the wedding are available for them to see and share on social media. This eliminates the constant back and forth amongst vendors asking for images of their work.

When a florist wants images of her bouquets to share with her Facebook fans, she can go to the LulaWed album and share without having
to ask the photographer for images. If a caterer wants to do a 2014 round-up blog post of their favorite dishes, they won’t have to wait for the photographer to search through old folders to find the images to use. The images will be hosted publically, and everyone will have them saved in their LulaWed portfolio for easy sharing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.07.02 AM

2. Sharing Images

The dynamic sharing capabilities on LulaWed integrate with other tools to give you maximum marketing power. The ease of sharing images creates the network effect as other vendors share in the collaborative marketing effort. Being able to share to your own social networks di- rectly from LulaWed helps you promote your own business, but it also makes it easier for other vendors to promote your images and prod- ucts while they simultaneously promote their own via Pinterest, Face- bookand Twitter, since every image you share from LulaWed links back to the album it came from, which is tagged with all the vendors who were involved in that wedding. Engaged couples looking for inspiration will easily connect the images of your work to your business and your contact information. This is a win-win situation for you and your vendor network.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.07.38 AM

3. Blog Integration

We have incorporated a blogging widget on your listing page that features your most recent blog posts. This improves your SEO and gives your local network access to your great blog content without you ever having to do any additional work. If you blog, LulaWed helps spread posts with the world and make sure your expertise and photographs are front and center when engaged couples browse your listing.

Automated blog images pulled through LulaWed! Photographers who enter their blogs URL can just blog they way they normally do and we will market the event for them! Photographers, just list as many vendors as you can that participated in the wedding with you and we will look up their contact information and reach out with a link with the image for them to share.

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