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We built LulaWed as a direcotry to help bring local networks together online. We’ve seen businesses thrive when they connect, and we wanted to make that process easier for wedding pros across the country.

We discovered a problem in how local vendors worked together when we were working with our own consulting clients through Tide Creative (photographers, planners and venue owners). We could see that there were major challenges with the way photographers and vendors were sharing images after an event.

The process was fragmented across apps and websites and was very burdensome. There wasn’t a tool to easily share images. The status quo was causing frustration and strained relationships between vendors. Photographers were frustrated at the ongoing interruption to their work flow when each vendor requested images. Vendors were frustrated at the time it would sometimes take to get images for their marketing efforts. Both sides were trying to help the other but were facing logistical issues.

This simple miscommunication was causing rifts in vendor relationships. These referral relationships are at the heart of building the value of the wedding industry. These are the relationships that help everyone’s business’ grow. We realized that this significant problem had a relatively simple solution, and thus LulaWed was born.

Our mission is to make marketing more approachable and connect local networks of vendors through imagery. Photographers take the lead by sharing images in a way that saves both themselves and all of their collaborators time!

Our directory pulls couples to the real weddings that are shared and drives website hits to everyone that was involved in a wedding!