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Trust is a marketing tool that can’t be bought. When hiring a vendors for a wedding, most couples are flying blind. They know a little about what you do and style, but they are relying on your expertise to deliver an experience they’ll love. This trust can be built from the ground up with a successful blog.

Becoming an expert in weddings is all in the content. Along with the real wedding stories and personal posts, write opinion pieces that are helpful to the couples looking for an expert. Write blog posts about “How to choose the right ceremony location for your intimate wedding” “How to prepare for a winter wedding” or “How to hire a caterer who your wedding planner will love” These expert opinion posts do double duty. First, those are often the questions couples are asking, and googling before they start looking for a wedding vendor. The keywords in these blog posts will generate the highest SEO benefits for driving traffic to your blog and website. And of course, when a couple comes across your blog they will be well informed and feel like you have EARNED their trust. You gave them guidance and free advice before they even picked up the phone. That service is extremely valuable and builds trust.

As you develop your blog as a place people can find valuable information, you will benefit in so many other ways. The media will look to you when they need an expert in weddings, which will get you great PR. Other vendors will look to your blog for expert advice in an area that they aren’t as well versed. They will also refer clients to your blog when they have questions about photography.

After you’ve created a platform that positions yourself as an expert you can start to share your success with other vendors, because as you know by this point, building vendor relationships is the goal. The group of wedding experts in your area will start to be your group of vendor friends and you can take advantage of each others successful platforms as a means to grow your clientele. Offer other experts a chance to guest blog about the ways your businesses overlap or work together. Similarly, offer them a guest blog post written specifically for their business that they can post when they need a break from blogging or want to go on vacation.

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Wedding Blogging Gives Your Business Personality

By Blogging
At this point hopefully we’ve convinced you that HAVING a blog is crucial. We could continue to hammer away at that point, but we think you get it. We’d rather focus on how to make a blog really work for you and lay out some key strategies for making it a huge success.

To be brutally honest, most other wedding professionals already have a blog, and are posting regularly. Unfortunately, because your potential clients don’t work in the wedding industry they probably don’t have the expertise to tell the difference between a cake or a bouquet that is good vs one that is GREAT. Most weddings look fairly similar to a newly engaged couple. Standing out means more than just posting a lot of pretty images.

Creating and maintaining a strong brand voice is the absolute key to standing out from the rest of the crowd. And for you solopreneurs, you have a major advantage since your business voice is your personal voice. You already know what you like, and hopefully you’ve chosen a brand look/feel that resembles your personality and attracts clients who also like what you like.

To simplify the terminology, “brand voice” means the personality that you can hear and see in your blog and website. You build that personality through storytelling

You already have the images that show the characters and setting of your story. Take for example a post from a photographers blog about a recent engagement session near a river. It may not initially mean much to a person coming to your blog for the first time. But if you tell the story in a few lines about how that was the river where the couple went on their first date, that’s captivating. Posting a real wedding on your blog is good for SEO, but create the story by adding a few lines about the small details that the couple shared with you; how the florist used the bride’s grandmother’s handkerchief on her bouquet, why the location was important to them or what it was like to have a ceremony in the rain. Those are the stories that make people come back to your blog and share the post with their friends and family.

Also, don’t be afraid to post personal stories on your blog. You don’t have to give TMI, but sharing a story about a weekend vacation, or what it’s like to work in weddings will help you connect with potential clients. When they are sifting through a list of planners or stationers and come across a blog post of you and your husband at a Red Sox game, they will not only feel like they know something about you, they may feel connected as a sports lover or fellow Bostonian. It only takes one personal connection for that client to book you over another photographer because they know you’ll get along.

We hear stories from vendors with robust blogs, about potential clients booking them so they could share their story on their blog. They had spent months reading other couples’ stories, and looked forward to being a part of the vendors blog and telling their own story to an audience.

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Marketing to Engaged Couples : Mobile

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wedding marketing

Image made by Alexandra Roberts Photography

Google announced early in 2015 that mobile search surpassed desktop search for the first time! We all know that our mobile devices are being used more and more, and now Google is ranking and promoting sites as “mobile friendly.” This means that at the very least you need to have a website that is viewed as mobile friendly by Google and that at best you should have a site that employs “responsive design.”

According to Signal Fire, “Mobile friendly refers to a site that displays accurately between your desktop/laptop computer and a mobile device…While it will appear smaller on a phone and may not work perfectly on a touchscreen tablet, a mobile friendly website will be perfectly functional.” Responsive design is very similar in that it means that when the site is viewed on different types of devices (think tablets, phone, different size desktop monitors) that it will appear tailored to that specific device’s size.

The difference between mobile friendly and responsive is that mobile friendly is designed for specific sizes of devices, whereas responsive designs are created with the intent that they will automatically adjust to any screen size, making them more easily adapted to future technologies. As you can imagine, it takes a lot more work to create a mobile friendly and responsive website, but Google ranks them significantly higher than websites that are not designed responsively.

Need more convincing? The US average for mobile usage is 2 hours and 42 minutes per day! That equates to 41 days each year! This trend is only going to grow, so make sure your web presence is inline with the current reality.

Wondering if your wedding website is mobile friendly? Google has made a tool for us all:

You can also Google your business name on your mobile device and you should see the “Mobile Friendly”, see image below.
wedding mobile sitesResponsive design takes mobile friendly to the next level and allows for your website to be designed page by page for each specific device. The design for each takes into account the functionality of each specific platform. You can see below how the smaller versions of the site function differently on the homepage. Take particular notice of the mobile phone version, where users are able to email, get directions or phone directly from the homepage.  This is super helpful for wedding guests that are traveling to a venue and just need to find out how to get there!

Desktop Version

mobile friendly website

iPad Version

mobile wedding website ipad

iPhone Version

mobile wedding website iphone

LulaWed is excited to announce that through our parent site, Tide Creative, we are now offering websites for our members!  These will, of course, be mobile friendly and responsive depending on your budget 🙂 Reach out here to schedule a consultation.

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We’ve been listening photographers!

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We have been working hard to make sure that you are able to share your Real Wedding images in as timely a manner as possible! It’s never been easier to share your Real Wedding images with the vendors that worked on the events with you and grab some attention from engaged couples.

We listened when you asked for integration with your blogs! We know and understand that your blog is where you feature your best weddings. Now those will be automatically pulled into our Real Wedding up -loader and published.

We only get better with your input, so please continue to share your thoughts!

Integrate your blog into your LulaWed account, click MY LISTING > EDIT in your admin:

wedding marketing


We will put in the effort to track down the participating vendors contact information and let them know that they can share those images on their social media streams. Here is what the wedding looks like on our site:

wedding marketing photography marketing weddings

Your branded wedding images are now on their way around your favorite vendors social streams.

Why is our platform powerful for photographers??

Imagine if you had a marketing team working for your small business, 10, 20 or 100 people who knew the wedding industry inside-and-out, who were constantly talking to your ideal couples and loved promoting your business. Sounds amazing, but this kind of marketing team would be unthinkably expensive!  Read on…

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It’s Our 1st Birthday!

By LulaWed for Marketing, Marketing to Engaged Couples

wedding  marketing

We started LulaWed because we believe that sharing images between photographers and vendors should be easier, more efficient, and more fun. It’s now been one whole year since we launched, and we have made meaningful strides to help facilitate this sharing process and build a stronger wedding vendor community across the nation.

To date, over 1,500 weddings have been uploaded to Lulawed with over 6,000 unique wedding vendors tagged. Way to share the love!! But there is still work to be done. And as we move forward our commitment to continuing improvements has never been stronger. We will continue to strive to make getting connected and staying connected with those in your professional vendor network even more simple.


1500 Real Weddings Uploaded

6000 Tagged Vendors

3780 Users

52,800 Images Shared

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